A Junior Olympic Volleyball Program
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BVC Center
167 Business Center Drive
Birmingham, AL 35244
Phone: 205-358-2065

Email: Lacy@BirminghamVolleyball.com
Coordinator: Lacy Shannon

May-September Office Hours
By Appointment
See our FAQ page for lots of info about BVC!
We have a lot of activities at BVC. Please be patient, kind and aware of the guidelines, especially in the area of parking.

We always suggest carpooling.

You may park anywhere in the lot of our building EXCEPT in front of any bay doors (these are like garage doors for the businesses and are used by semi trucks for deliveries). Use the marked spaces to be sure. 

Parking in unapproved places can result in towing, at the expense of the vehicle owner.
If you aren't sure, please ask!
Mark Your Calendar!!

Valentine's Day Bash: February 9-10
Registration opens Oct. 1 on AES

Heff Memorial Tournament: March 9
Registration opens Oct. 1 on SRVA