Adult Open Gym

Play for FREE your first time!!

Open gyms are open to anyone 18 and up
Open gyms cost $5/night (cash)
(or get an Open Gym Membership and don't worry about bringing cash each week!)
*Open gym is FREE for current BVC Coaches


While it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of the game, we welcome all players at any skill level to come to open gym.  Depending on numbers and skill levels, nets may be broken in to an upper and lower to encourage competitive play for everyone.

2018 Open Gym Schedule
Wed Mar. 7   7-10pm
Wed Mar. 14   7-10pm
Wed Mar. 21   7-10pm
Wed Mar. 28 is TBA *this is Spring Break for our club teams so we don't have any other activities hosted at that time
Reverse Co-Ed Adult 4's League

Matches are held on Sundays
Start: Sunday March 11, 6pm

Playoffs are Sunday April 15 (tentative)
Double Elimination.

Each Team needs to have a Captain & a Co-Captain.  At least 1 of those 2 players should be there each week to represent their team

Per Player fee is $60 per person.

Captains/Co-Captains will collect this fee from their players and turn in for the ones that are in attendance on week 1. *After week 1, players should submit individual payments.*

A roster will be signed PRIOR to EVERY MATCH to list players in attendance & playing for your team. This should be verified by the ref team.
Violations/Non-Payments will result in a forfeit for that match.

Pick Ups can play for $10 PER MATCH. This fee is paid by the Captain/Co-Captain BEFORE the match begins--he/she can choose to recoup the money from the pick up player/split among the team.
The Pick Up can be from in or out of the league but the fee still applies--PER MATCH.
The ref team needs to check this. If anyone needs to pay, send them to the office.

Must have 2 girls on the court at all times, regardless of the number of players playing. No girl touch rule.
Minimum of 4 players on your roster.

Teams will have ref assignments--missing a ref assignment will cost the Captain $20. He/She can choose to recoup this amount from the team in whatever way he/she sees fit.

Rosters will be "Frozen" for playoffs--no Pick Ups allowed. If you want someone on your roster for the tournament, they should be added as a "full" member ($60 fee, regardless of how many times they have "picked up and paid).

We are not offering free Open Gym for this session. (see Open Gym Membership!!)

YOUR TEAM/PLAYER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE UNLESS ALL FEES ARE PAID (including Pick Up fees, missed ref assignment fees, player fees)

*if you want to bring the money to BVC PRIOR to the league starting so that you don't "forget" that day--I will hold on to it for you


Adult Volleyball at the BVC Center
All league and open gyms are 18+ with a signed waiver. We are open to all levels and ages (18-100)

Leagues, tournaments and open gym schedules are posted on this website, as well as the Birmingham Volleyball Club facebook page - so "like' us and stay up to date!

All Activities take place at the BVC Center
167 Business Center Drive, Birmingham, AL 35244
*I-65 - take the Valleydale Rd. exit
*Go West (right) off of the exit (no matter if you're coming from  
 North or South)
*Take a right at the 2nd traffic light AFTER Arby's (which is on 
 your right, just after the interstate) on to Business Center Drive
*Go the top of the hill, our building is on your right. *There is a BVC sign on it.
Don't Wanna Remember to Bring Cash to Open Gym??

Open Gym Membership
All memberships are good through Dec. 31, 2018 and are prorated based on the month you join.
The sooner you join, the better deal you get!

Join by dates for these rates:
Feb. 15-Mar. 14: $126
Mar. 15-Apr. 11: $114
Apr. 12-May 16: $102
May 17-June 13: $90
June 14-July 11: $78
July 12-Aug. 15: $66
Aug. 16-Sept. 12: $54
Sept. 13-Oct. 10: $42
Oct. 11-Nov. 14: $30
Nov. 15-Dec. 19: $18
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